The annual A service, the 24000 hour B service or the 48.000 hour C service can all be performed by us in cooperation with our team of suppliers.

We have access to all parts, the consumables used by the OEM and the engineers with the correct knowledge and skills to do the job well.

In addition we have the engine strip and rebuild tooling, engine stands, rotor stands etc., which are for in house use only.

As special tooling to take to site we have a professional borescope with side view tips, a GE Druck Genii pressure sensor test and calibration kit, Rotalign Ultra laser alignment kit, hydraulic starter motor calibration set etc.

We can also trouble shoot and support with your Rustronic Mark II, Allen Bradley and Siemens PCS7 control systems and we have a Siemens PCS7 programming laptop.

Service and Support:

Service has ranged from commissioning and re-wiring an SGT400 with burnt Power Turbine wiring in Russia to an engine and compressor rotor strip in the Middle East, a hot section strip, inspect, repair and rebuild in Greece to a full Gas Generator rebuild in Mexico. Besides this, various borescope inspections and control system trouble shooting.


We also support with parts manufacturing. We have manufactured SGT400 stage 0 compressor blades, with the correct Titanium Nitride coating, we are repairing / overhauling, applying new coatings, flow testing and calibrating the Siemens Lincoln range of DLE turbine fuel nozzles.


We have overhauled the following engine and package parts, amongst others, and made considerable cost savings to the turbine owners:


  • Dual and single fuel Pilot and Main Burners (including flow testing and calibration, in house)
  • CT1 / HP vanes
  • CT1/ HP rotor blades (non SX)
  • Interstage blow off valves
  • Combustion Liners
  • Transition pieces
  • Labyrinth seals
  • Compressor and Casing coatings
  • Rotor Bearing Journals
  • All new VGV and IGV bearings and seals
  • Vibration monitoring equipment repairs and replacements
  • Erskine Voltage regulator
  • Moog liquid fuel valves
  • Kinetrol valves
  • Heinzmann VGV actuators
  • Various inlet- and exit bearings
  • Control system support, component upgrades and complete retrofits


During the parts manufacturing we have moment weighed blade sets, balanced un-bladed discs, balanced bladed discs, balance CT1 and CT2 disc assemblies and complete Gas Generator rotor assemblies.


Service exchange / lease core availability:

We currently own two SGT100-1S DLE, 4,9 MW core engines, one core is natural gas fired, the second core is dual fuel. The natural gas fired unit has just received new HP vanes and is ready to support your power needs whilst we overhaul your ‘end of life’ core engine.



We have/ own all the tooling to strip and rebuild the SGT100, SGT200 and SGT400.

We own an SGT100 transport pod for the safe storage and transport of your SGT100,or, if you so desire, to store a 0 hour engine core at your facility.


Our 450 m2 facility has a crane to lift the casings, rotors etc off of your Gas Generator (GG) or Power Turbibe (PT).