About Us

Welcome to the Skyline Turbine Services website. We appreciate you visit, thank you.

Our Goal:

To reduce cost of ownership for the owner/ operator by not changing parts when they are ‘expired’ on an hourly basis, but rather, to monitor, inspect and potentially repair these parts to extend the service life. Ofcourse this is not only based on failure of said components, but in cooperation with the client, we also look at when the next ‘service stop’ for the required maintenance on the turbine is possible, and if the components can potentially cover the timespan to that service stop.

Where our clients are and what type of industry they operate:

We have clients covering the world, we have worked on, mainly the SGT400, in Greece, France, the Middle East, Russia, Nigeria, Azerbaijan and Mexico. We support the Offshore industry, On shore oil production facilities, Flower mills, Paper manufacturers, Waste Water treatment plants, Cement factories etc. etc.

Turbines we support:

We specialise in the support of the SGT400, SGT300, SGT200, SGT100 and TA1750.