Refurbished Siemens SGT 100 DLE - 1S
NDT tested and re-coated rotor, SGT100
Refurbished SGT100 DLE LP vanes
SGT100 DLE set of LP vanes, heat treatment, new coating and new abradable coating, overhauled to ...
Refurbished Siemens SGT100 DLE 1S - 2S
SGT100 - 2S carrier ring, also used on various 1S SGT100's as an upgrade.
Refurbished Siemens SGT 100 DLE - 1S
SGT100 DLE, combustion liners, overhauled to 0 hours.
Refurbished SGT 100 DLE combustion liners
Set of SGT100 DLE combustion liners, re coated annd overhauled to 0 hours.
Refurbished Siemens SGT 100 DLE - 1S
SGT100 DLE HP vanes, full set, heat treated, re-coated and in 0 hour condition
Refurbished Bearing journal end axial and thrust bearing refurbishment
We have capabilities to refurbish, machine down, rebuild, chrome and grind / polish bearing journ...
  • Year: 2020
SGT 400 Pilot Burner, Gas and Main fuel nozzle seal rings
SGT 400 Pilot Burner, gas burner and main burner seals on stock.
  • Year: 2021
Refurbished SGT 400 Pilot Burners, 18 of reburbished
SGT 400 dual fuel Pilot Burners. Incoming air flow test, strip, clean, repairs, polish, re-coated...
  • Year: 2021
Graphite rings for interstage bleed valve
Brand new graphite seal rings for the interstage blow off valve SGT100, SGT400
Refurbished Hydraulic Starter
Fully overhauled and tested SGT100, SGT 200 and SGT400 Bosch Rexroth starter motors available.
  • Year: 2021
Stage 0 new compressor blades SGT400
Stage 0 SGT400 compressor blades. Manufactured, root ground to size, coated and balanced, full set.
  • Year: 2018
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