Remote Monitoring

Part of our scope of supply is to offer our customers support in the form of ‘Remote Monitoring’.

‘Remote Monitoring’ makes visible to us the parameters of your engine whilst it is in operation.

The advantage of this is that we can support you from our office should your controls system give you troubles, reducing down time of your engine and increasing the annual power production percentage. Remote monitoring is not the cure to all problems. For instance, broken hardware cannot be solved remotely. In many cases we can however, establish what hardware is broken and can offer to bring with us a spare/exchange or new unit when we come to site.

Remote monitoring gives us the capability to see what is happening with your engine ‘on line’. We can see, provided your controls system shows these parameters:

- Combustion temperatures

- Turbine rpm’s

- Vibrations

- Accoustic noise

- Gas flow

- Gas pressure

- Compressor exit pressure

- Compressor exit temperature

Below a picture of a running STT 100 DLE we are ‘Remote Monitoring’, located in Germany from our offices in Poeldijk, the Netherlands.