Special Tooling

We have invested in ‘Special Tooling’ in order to support our customers with tooling that is not available on every site.

As part of our services we offer the rent / use of engine specific tooling such as, but not limited to:

- Bar over gear

- Hydraulic IGV / VGV actuating gear

- Transport legs / skids

- Lifting beams

- Roll On / Off gear

Workshop special tooling:

In the workshop we have or have access to all special tooling to strip, measure and re-assemble your engine.

‘Special Tooling’ used on all packges:

- Boreskope

- Vibration Measurement equipment

- Laser Alignment equipment

- Pressure sensor test and calibration equipment

For DLE packages we offer to adjust the NOX and CO settings during maintenance performed by us in preparation of the annual or bi annual test which has to be performed for your local government in order to comply with local exhaust gas, NOX and CO, output regulations. We do not offer an official calibration with certificate.

- NOX and CO calibration set

As some of this equipment is very valuable, and knowledge of how to use it is required, all tooling to is available to be used exclusively by our experienced engineers.