Mechanical Support

We offer complete support to our customers in the form of trouble shooting controls, remote or on site, evaluation of broken parts and repairs or replacement of motors, pumps, valves, pressure sensors, accumulators, SSS clutches or other broken parts.

We have a wide variety of both package and Turbine spares on stock, used, refurbished and new. In addition to the parts in our warehouse we also have access to several parts suppliers as well as the OEM.

We have stand by service engineers with in depth knowledge of:

1. Rustronic Mark I & II, Allen Bradly and Siemens S7

2. the functioning of mechanical parts of your engine.

Part of our mechanical field support capabilities are:

- Borescope Inspection

- Pressure sensor testing and calibration

- Vibration measurement (Prox probes in housing measuring the rotor shaft, if probes installed)

- Laser alignment

In addition to mechanical field support we offer support with overhauling your turbine.

We own an SGT 200, 6.45 MW which is currently being overhauled in our workshop.

We have access to a varying nr. Of overhauled and tested engines in case your engine should have a critical failure and needs immediate replacement.

In addition to overhauling your engine, we can offer service exchange to reduce down time for your site.

We can also offer to upgrade your old gas train to a modern, digital system. The advantage of this is less maintenance, more accurate control, less malfunctioning and quicker response to the Turbines demands compared to the older systems.

An advantage of working with us is that we seek to repair parts of your engine in order to reduce costs to the owner / operator. Some of the parts we we can repair, based on the state

of your parts and material assessment are:

- Combustion liners

- Transition pieces

- Labyrinth seals

- Bearings

- Gas fuel nozzles

- Stator vanes

- Rotor blades