Rustronic Card Repair

Worldwide there are still many operators whom use the older ‘Rustronic Mark I and II’ control systems.

We still support these systems and have a large variety of cards on stock. Some of the cards we hold on stock are:

- Power Supply Module

- Processing Module

- Switch Input Module

- Switch Output Module

- Analogue Input Module

- Analog Output Module

- BUS Extension Module

- Disc Storage Module

- Dksc Support Board

Part of supporting your ‘Control System’ the testing and repairing of your non functional control cards. An option we offer in cooperation with a very experienced ‘Rustronic’ Card repair and test facility.

Please be aware, many cards need calibrating with equipment connected. Often it is not a simple ‘switch’ of cards to get your engine up and running again.

Below a picture of the cards we have on stock, packed and labeled, ready to be shipped and replace your damaged card and to get your turbine back on line.

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