Controls Support

We offer complete support to our customers in the form of trouble shooting controls, remote or on site, evaluation of broken controls (Rustronic Mark I & II) cards and repairs or replacement of these cards.

We have controls engineers available to support you with troubleshooting your controls system. We have experience with the following controls systems:

- Rustronic Mark I & II

- Allen Bradley

- Siemens S7

We have on stock some 60 controls cards for the Rustronic Mark I & II controls systems which are no longer supported by the OEM.

In addition to replacing cards, we also have the possibility to evaluate and possibly repair your older controls cards which do not function any longer.

We have access to all the pressue transmitters and pressure senors in your specific engine and can offer replacements, new.

We also offer ‘Remote Monitoring’ of controls systems which greatly reduces shut down time and call out costs as 80% of call outs are due to controls issues. We do not claim to be able to solve all controls issues via remote monitoring, but it gives us access to and an overview of the state of your engine which enables us to support and advice you on the next step towards bringing your Turbinee back on line, or, to warn you should the vibrations of your Turbine increase and reach dangerous levels. A variety of parameters can be monitored, provided your controls provide the information, such as, but not limited to:

- Combustion temperatures

- Turbine rpm’s

- Vibrations

- Accoustic noise

- Gas flow

- Gas pressure

- Compressor exit pressure

- Compressor exit temperature

STS also has the capability to upgrade your older Rustronic control system with both Allen Bradly or Siemens S7 PLC’s.

We can re-use your old wiring and sensors and replace the controls cabinets only, reducing down time considerably, or, alternatively, we can replace sensors, wiring and the old cabinets in order for our customers to have a completely new system.