For several clients we have been overhauling both the natural gas only and dual fuel SGT 400 Pilot Burners.

The cause of the Pilot Burner to fail is that the 'face' of the burner cracks near the thermocouple. The reason for this is that the thickness of material at the location of the thermocouple is the thinnest location on the 'face' of the Pilot Burner. With starts and stops, ie. heating up and cooling off, the burner expands and retracts the most at the location where material is thinnest. This causes cracks to form.

Besides the 'cracks' around the thermocouple, we also often see cracks from the 'ignitor port' and if dual fuel, also from the 'liquid fuel nozzle port' on the face of the burner. Our repairs for these cracks ensure a nice cylindrical finish for the ignitor or liquid fuel lance to have a good 'fit' and no 'weld tracks' down the depth of the 'repaired crack' causing an 'oval hole'.

We also apply a new coating, air flow test upon arrival and air flow test and calibrate prior to shipment to client.

We often also come accross damaged 'adaptors' on the top of the Pilot Burners. If thread only is damaged, we initially try to repair by re-cutting the thread. If damage is caused by 'dents' or other more extensive damage, the 'adaptor' in question is exchanged.

We often find the 'bajonet adaptor' is snapped off. We remove the snapped off part in the Pilot Burner and install a new 'bajonet fixture'.

1st photo of Cracked Pilot Burner before repair and second a set of 6 Pilot Burners after repair in a new box ready for shipment.