SGT-400 13.4 MW dual fuel

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The SGT-400 13.4 MW dual fuel is a powerful and reliable gas turbine. At Skyline Turbine Services B.V., based in the Netherlands, we offer spare parts, repairs and maintenance. Our employees have a high level of knowledge, so that you can always count on us as a trustworthy partner. Furthermore, we offer personal guidance and a fixed point of contact. This way, you will receive all the right information in regard to the SGT-400 13.4 MW dual fuel and our other types.

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The feature of the SGT-400 13.4 MW dual fuel

The twin shaft of the SGT-400 13.4 MW dual fuel is simple, but also robust. This is because it contains a two-bearing gas generator rotor. This rotor has an 11-stage axial flow transonic compressor and is accompanied by a two-stage compressor turbine. The rotors that feature the machines in the SGT-400 series, are covered by high-quality shells that can be split both vertically and horizontally. It is even possible to choose high-chrome blades. This way, the SGT-400 13.4 MW dual fuel can also operate in high-corrosive environments. Furthermore, this gas turbine is compliable with gaseous and liquid fuels.

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If you are in need of a trustworthy and powerful gas turbine, choose the SGT-400 13.4 MW dual fuel. Are you looking for another model? Then we would also gladly help you out. For example, we offer the SGT-400 12.9 MW single fuel and the SGT-200 gas turbine. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (174) 280 875. We are eager to help you.

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Siemens SGT 400 Generator drive package