SGT-200 gas turbine

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We offer maintenance, spare parts and repairs for the SGT-200 gas turbine. Moreover, Skyline Turbine Services B.V. – based in the Netherlands – even offers this engine for sale. Because our employees have a high level of knowledge about the gas turbines, we are your trustworthy and reliable partner. We offer personal guidance, so that you know that your SGT-200 gas turbine always has a highly efficient workflow.

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The features of the SGT-200 gas turbine

The SGT-200 gas turbine is robust, yet compact. It is either available as a single fuel for power generation or a double fuel for mechanical drive. The SGT-200 gas turbine can be used for both liquid and even gaseous fuels. The engine has an excellent power-to-weight ratio and provides a highly efficient workflow. Furthermore, the engines offer a high reliability, which helps ensure the security of supply. The machine is able to combine a simple design with high-quality technology.

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In short, these machines are reliable and highly efficient engines for companies in the oil and gas industry. However, did you know that we also offer other models, such as the SGT-400 13.4 MW dual fuel and the SGT-100 4.9 MW dual fuel. Should you have any questions about this machine or our services, then do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (174) 280 875.

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