Refurbished Hydraulic Starter
Fully overhauled and tested SGT100, SGT 200 and SGT400 Bosch Rexroth starter motors available.
  • Year: 2021
Stage 0 new compressor blades SGT400
Stage 0 SGT400 compressor blades. Manufactured, root ground to size, coated and balanced, full set.
  • Year: 2018
Skyline Turbine Services b.v. TA1750
TA 1750 GG and PT turbine blades,balanced, new and installed on discs for client. New blades ava...
  • Year: 2020
SGT 400 hydraulic starter motor
Brand new SGT400 Bosch Rexroth starter motor. Bosch Rexroth and Siemens had none on stock, we wer...
  • Year: 2021
Used SGT100 DLE, 4,9 MW
SGT100 DLE, 4.9 MW, dual fuel, low hours at part load
  • Year: 1996
Used Core Engine, SGT 200 (Tornado) natural gas fired
Core Engine, SGT 200 (Tornado) natural gas fired, Non DLE, 6.44 MW (in overhaul)
Used Allen Gears Gearbox for SGT 200
Allen Gears Gearbox for SGT 200, 50 Hz, new internals, part nr. : 64/63001237/1
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