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Skyline Turbine Services supplies new and used equipment of good quality. 

The equipment, spare parts and consumables, whether it is new or used, is supplied at affordable prices and Skyline Turbine Services thereby creates great value for customers.


The equipment is always delivered in good quality.


It must be cheaper whether new, used or refurbished.


Independent counseling. Together we find the right solution.

Featured Equipment

Machinery Sales
Machinery Sales

We have various used SGT100 to SGT400 core engines and packages for sale. We can refurbish used turbines and packages to the desired condition, if we do not have access to units in the condition you are looking for. Please view our 'Equipment for sale' listing for current availability.

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Parts for Sales
Parts for Sale

We supply new OEM and non OEM parts as well as refurbished parts. Not only core engine parts but things like thermocouples, hydraulic starter motors etc. as well. Please review our 'Equipment' for sale listing and click on the 'Parts' listing to review our currently available parts.

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We have access to all parts, the consumables used by the OEM and the engineers with the correct knowledge and skills to do the job well. In addition we have the engine strip and rebuild tooling, engine stands, rotor stands etc., which are for in house use only.

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Industrial gas turbine

If you are in need of an industrial gas turbine, Skyline Turbine Services B.V. from the Netherlands will gladly help you out. We supply, repair and overhaul gas turbines and turbine support equipment. Furthermore, we are ISO 9001 certified. This means that our company meets the international requirements. It shows a solid and globally recognized approach, aimed at the fact that we continuously improve our processes. Moreover, we oversee business risks to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. This way, you know that you will buy a high-quality industrial gas turbine from a trustworthy company with a high level of knowledge.

Spare parts, repairs and maintenance for your industrial gas turbine

We offer a wide variety of gas turbines, such as the SGT-100 4.9 MW Dual Fuel or the SGT-400 12.9 MW Single Fuel. We also have a large number and variety of new, used and refurbished spares in our catalogue. This way, we offer a repair service for your industrial gas turbine, but the spares also support your package. However, for every different turbine package it is possible that they have various components installed. Therefore, we prefer to supply our spares to the customers that we help with maintenance, because this way we know which part number needs replacement. This prevents customers from receiving spare parts that do not fit the package of their industrial gas turbine.

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For high-quality maintenance, repairs and spare parts for your industrial gas turbine, we are your trustworthy partner. If you would like to receive more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to help you with spare parts or a whole new industrial gas turbine.